Friday, August 8, 2008

Rev Up the Victory Garden

Red, White and Grow wants to rev up existing Victory Gardening chat online a bit more.
"We can build greater interest and demand for Victory Gardening in our own communities if we work collaboratively. By replicating a Victory Garden/fall harvest meme, we can use or blogs to engage in some serious social entrepreneurism. By writing about vegetable gardening in a particular way--united around a particular set of principles (gardening for ourselves, our pocketbooks and the planet), we'll be fueling interest in our online and real world communities."

1.) What are your favorite local sources (ex. nurseries, blogs, reliable regional "celebrity" gardeners, county/parish extension office)? In my area of Kentucky, I get organic seeds from Southern States. DanyaBrook is a local nursery that I can get locally grown veggie seedlings.

2.)What are your favorite books and magazines? Organic Gardening, Herb Companion, and Mother Earth News are my favorite gardening mags. As for books, I love all the gardening books by Sharon Lovejoy: Sunflower Houses, Hollyhock Days, and Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots.

3.)What have you had success with growing in your fall garden? Peas, green Roma beans, cabbage and salad mix (different types of lettuces).

4.)When do you plant and harvest it? I typically plant the first few weeks in August and continue to harvest through Thanksgiving, sometimes even later.

5.)What is your favorite gardening tip? Use garden waste from summer garden to mulch around plants in the fall garden.

6.)Why do you call your garden a _________ (Victory Garden, Peace Garden, Freedom Garden, vegetable garden...etc.)? Mine is a veggie garden and I call it that mainly because I grow vegetables; but I do have several varieties of fruits and berries I grow as well.

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