Monday, May 4, 2009

Wistful Wisteria

All the rain we've had over the past week has been wonderful for the gardens - things are beginning to grow and look beautiful. One of the plants I'm most proud of is the Wisteria in my backyard - and yes, I know it can be aggressive, but my backyard is almost one acre and I love the blooms so much!

I planted the Wisteria 6 years ago - 2 plants at each corner of my girls' treehouse - one Chinese Wisteria and one Japanese Wisteria. In that 6 year period, the Wisteria has taken over the tree and the treehouse!

Aren't the blooms gorgeous?!! This is the Chinese Wisteria - it has more of a lilac color bloom

This is a view from inside the treehouse.

This is the Japanese Wisteria - it has more of a pink color to the blooms

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