Wednesday, April 22, 2009

$2 Hostas

(2008 Garden - Golden-Varigated Hosta)

I don't normally buy many things from Walmart, but after a friend told me about the great price on Hostas in the garden center, I had to go check it out.

My gardens are just a smidge over one acre and about half of that is in shade. I have been working on my shade garden for several years, but it's taking a long time to fill in the area on a limited budget. The $2 hostas were the perfect solution!!

And these are tiny little hostas either - I was able to get 10 Sum and Substances Hostas and they are one of the bigger size Hostas. I was also able to get 10 varigated and 10 golden Hostas. Now, if the ground would just dry up a little I could start putting them in the ground!

This is 3 pots of varigated Hostas grouped together.

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